Welcome to the Nature's Chef Academy with Chef Tom Kral

You and I are nature, and it’s in our relationship with our food that we are connected to the earth. A diet rich in wild foods brings great nutrients, supports our immune system and overall health.

I’m here to help unlock your inner natures chef, share my love for wild culinary creations, help you feel empowered and increase your love for crafting your meals.

Learn from my diverse culinary skills plus over 25 years of professional cooking experience and a life of growing up in the forest for the best of food and nature!

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Spring Forage Forest Walk Workshop

Join Nature’s Chef on a virtual trek in the forest for a day of plant connection! 

This 45 minute workshop will cover:

  • 15+ species in our local Pacific Northwest forests to eat and not to eat
  • Understanding plant families and how to easily recognize them
  • Ethical harvesting practices
  • Health benefits and medicinal uses of local plants
  • How to process efficiently + ideas and recipes
  • Preserving methods
  • Preparing wild-foods so they are delicious
  • Cooking demonstration!
  • BONUS: Chef Tom's multi-use Green Goddess Aioli recipe to use as a sauce/pesto/dressing, yum!
  • Full access for 8 weeks!

Learn what the plants want to teach us, understand what every plant communicates to us and discover your own inner forager.

Shellfish Preserves

Welcome! Join on a virtual deep dive into safe shellfish preparation as well as other coastal foods found in the Pacific North West. Shellfish harvesting is a great winter activity to do if you live on the west coast. Chef Tom shares his favourite ways to preserve coastal delights, add them to your next charcuterie board or incorporate into your meals. 

Here's what we're covering;

  • Clam digging
  • Smoked oysters
  • Smoked mussels
  • Clam chowder
  • Sea urchin butter
  • Sea cucumber processing
  • Smoked salmon 
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