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Join me on a wild culinary journey through the year. From Tree tips to sea(weed) dips, we’ve got you covered! We will look in-depth at what, where, and how to forage according to the flow of the seasons, as well as what to do with your bounty once you’ve found it. Focusing on a specific plant or group of plants each month, we are diving deep into how to bring the nourishment of the natural world into your kitchen and life in a way the whole family can access & enjoy.  Simple, straight-forward, how-to instructions. I will show you how to find, identify, and use nature's abundance. Backyard to table, no frills and no fuss.

I’m hungry already and can’t wait to get started! 

As grocery prices continue to rise and we are all focused on staying healthy and strong, the time has never been more right to dive into the abundance that nature has to offer. Your backyard is literally full of free, delicious food, and I’m going to show you how to find it & what to do with it!

We're going to make it easy (AND fun!). Every month we will introduce you to a new plant or group of plants, show you how to identify, find, and use them to upgrade your kitchen, nutrition, and health! This will save you money, and increase the wellbeing of your whole family!

Delicious, in-season, and on-pointe, this course will keep you coming back for more. Lifetime access to all content spanning spring through summer, and tried and true PDF recipes to keep forever! Mushrooms, spring greens, trees, seaweeds, flowers, roots and seeds: Who knew the Pacific North West offered SO much abundance for our bodies and tables?!

Each Module includes an assortment of the following, depending on the season and the group of plants being explored:

  • Foraging know-how
  • Plant identification
  • Preserving
  • Processing
  • Tried & true recipes
  • EnJOYing natures nourishment!
  • Exclusive, members-only access to Nature Community FB group
  • Lifetime access to content

Please feel free to share with friends, and send us your feedback! We can't wait to get started.

Ready? Let's go!

See you on the inside!

Chef Tom

10 Modules

Tree Forage - April 2023

You've made it to Module two of our nature inspired culinary adventure!

We're climbing into all things TREES this month - and we're so happy you're here!

Camp Cooking - June 2023

Camp & cook like a pro! Nature's Chef & family share their tips, tricks, knowledge & recipes for your best camp season yet!

Fruits & Berries - August 2023

Discover some of the wild fruits & berries that the coastal region offers!  

Roots & Seeds - September 2023

Natural immunity, detoxification, full body self-defence with natures first aid, to support the transition of the mind, body, and soul to the cooler months …

Mushroom Forage - October 2023

Autumn is upon us and with it comes the meaty, medicinal, and mystical mushrooms! 

Sugar & Salt - Winter 2024

Something short, sweet & salty to keep you through the cooler days.. 

Spring foraging is around the corner, but in this module I'll take you through what keeps me busy during the chillier months on the West Coast. 

Big Leaf Maple tapping & Pacific Ocean salt harvesting!

Shellfish Forage - Winter 2024

Modules for this product 10
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